check presentation

Washington Elementary School hosted its monthly ‘All School’ today in the gymnasium. The event began with Principal Limosani presenting a check to Pastor E. Carl Howard and Lois Doerr of the First Congregational Church of West Haven in the amount of $800! The money was raised from over 16,000 bottle and can donations from our incredible students!

Following the check presentation, 3rd grade students performed both an anti-bullying activity in front of their peers as well as a morning circle example in which they showed how to effectively resolve a problem they had with their friends/classmates.

Afterwards, Principal Limosani had all students with blue and grey certificates stand and get applauded for their excellent work! A blue certificate is awarded to a student for having an awesome attitude, awesome academics, and going above and beyond in the classroom, while a grey certificate was handed out to students with a perfect attendance. There were 123 students out of 373 with a perfect attendance for the month of October!

Congratulations to all our Washington students for the incredible work they are doing!