October 28, 2015 Minutes

Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2015

“A safe and healthy work environment that supports safe work practices and reduces injuries”.


Members present:  Jolene Barnes, Donna Kosiorowski, Mike McGrath, Joe Iuteri, Sharon Paine, Frank Paolino, Nate Hill, Carole Limosani, Pauline Lucibello, Eric Rice, Susan Misur, Fran Lytwinick.

Meeting was called to order:  Donna called meeting to order and welcomed everyone back.

Approval of minutes:  Minutes from  the May 6, 2015 were accepted and approved.

Air conditioners: 

Donna asked Mike McGrath to do an inventory of air conditioners.  Donna said that there is a process that has to be followed with regard to getting an air conditioner.  Mike McGrath always checks with Donna first to see if the air conditioner has been approved or not.  Mike McGrath said that the special needs students at Haley have a large number of air conditioners.

Frank Paolino added that air conditioners are now filtering up to Carrigan.  Donna Kosiorowski state that employees that need air conditioners must provide documentation from their doctor. 


 Donna said that our AED’s were old and need replacing.  We secured a grant from the Community Development Administration to replace 16 of our outdated AED’s.  She wanted to thank Gail Burns for her role with regard to obtaining this grant.  The new AED’s will not cost the Board of Education any money.  They have been ordered and should be installed shortly.

Recently we have updated our signage for AED’s and had new signage placed on the door of each building indicating that it is an AED facility.

Our AED policy has been revised, and principals will be getting a copy.  (The nurses have a copy, also).  Principals and coaches are all trained.  It is best to know where the AED is.

The AED in the rink has been moved to a location that is more visible.

Security in Buildings:

Recently Donna participated in a State wide, multiple school district, intensive exercise Emergency Operation Plan with the BOE, Fire Departments, Police Department and Health Department.    The scenario was a tornado.  Today after our Safety Committee Meeting Donna will be meeting with Neil Cavallaro and Scott Shand on revising our emergency operations plan.

Joe Iuteri brought up that with regard to security we have come a long way.  However, the first 3 or 4 days of school we are not secure.  Parents walk children to their classrooms without checking in at the Office.   Donna wanted to know how we can solve this.  Frank Paolino said it is a mindset that we have to change.  It’s a difficult situation to make the parents understand.

Frank Paolino said that this is not an issue in the upper levels.  They don’t come in.  Frank said he can put out something to administrators reminding them we have a process.   Donna mentioned that everyone entering should be wearing a badge.  Frank can send out an email as a reminder to administrators.

Workers’ Comp update:

Jolene had two packets; the bigger one is from the city of West Haven, PMA, Ernie St. Amant.  This covers the period from July 1, 2014 to July 1, 2015; it’s a breakdown by building.   A summation is that the BOE has more employees reported for worker comp; however, our dollar cost is less than that of the city.  We are reporting everything that happens, but the cost of the injury is far less, which are not as severe injuries.

Jolene’s report indicated that from July 1, 2015 to this past Monday, a total of 38 injuries were reported.  This report is broken down by location, for example, educational, food service or lunch aids.  The ones that say absent yes, means time lost.  PMA can follow up with the doctor.  This go round there weren’t any catastrophic injuries or any injuries caused by a safety violation. Joe Iuteri is fixing a broken piece on a door where an employee was injured.

The key is that a person got cut on a door, the communication went to the Building Manager and the Building Manager took care of it preventing someone else from getting injured.

Jolene said that we are still using Yale Occupation Health/ Work Solutions.  They added some other facilities in our area which is good for our employees.   Jolene Barnes and Beth Sabo have requested that PMA gets something closer for us.  They are working on getting one for us in West Haven.  All facilities are run by Yale.

General Discussion:

Joe Iuteri said that as of yesterday every office and classroom at Seth Haley all have new door locks.  The minute you close a door the door is locked.  It can be opened from the inside.  Teachers all have a key to open their door.

Joe Iuteri also explained when an air conditioner is installed in a classroom, by fire code; all air conditioners have to be on a separate breaker.  Donna wanted to know if the air conditioners are maintained.  Joe said that each air conditioner filter is cleaned over the summer.

Fran Lytwinick was here today representing Lynn Bonaldo for the teacher’s union.

Mike McGrath mentioned that the fire blankets are in at Bailey rooms B207 and B208.

Eric Rice said he never received a follow-up from the last meeting from Ernie at PMA regarding fire   extinguisher training.  We will follow up with that.  (Follow-up and reply from Ernie St. Amant attached).

Meeting was adjourned at 8:59am.

(Minutes approved 1/6/16)

Next meeting:  January 6, 2016