March 18, 2015 Minutes

Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2015

“A safe and healthy work environment that supports safe work practices and reduces injuries”.


Members present:  Jolene Barnes, Donna Kosiorowski, Mike McGrath, Bob Beecher, Joe Iuteri, Sharon Paine, Frank Paolino, Carole Limosani, Kenneth Voss, Pauline Lucibello, Maureen Blake, Chris Everone, Susan Misur.

Meeting was called to order at 8:30am.

Approval of Minutes:

Pauline Lucibello made a motion to approve the minutes and Ken Voss seconded the motion, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Jolene introduced Susan Misur and explained how it would be nice to have Susan join the committee and be able to get information out onto the website.  She wanted to welcome Susan as an official committee member.

Workers’ Comp.:

Thru yesterday there were 28 injuries since the last meeting.  Most injuries were weather related, slips and falls and plowing injuries.  14 injuries were slip/trip/fall, 2 bites, 2 cuts, 10 struck against.  For the amount of snow plowing that we had the injuries were minimal.

On-Line Accident form:

Jolene wanted to thank Chris Everone and Susan Misur for the on-line employee injury page.  Accolades to Chris and Susan.  Getting the word out may take some time.

Mike McGrath said that the on-line page is really great.  Frank Paolino mentioned that he thought it was much easier.

Maureen Blake wanted to know if employee can fill out.

Jolene said no, a principal, supervisor or supervisor designee must complete.  For liability purposes employee cannot complete, the employer must complete.

Donna Kosiorowski will contact Ernie St. Amant from PMA regarding the designee.  Donna does not want the nurses to be a designee.  The designee should be someone with supervisor responsibilities for investigative purposes.

Frank Paolino said that at WHHS/Carrigan/Bailey the building principal would complete, at the elementary level the principal or the teacher in charge would be the designee.

Donna Kosiorowski said that for Food Service it should be Meg Kingston.

Joe Iuteri wanted to know where the Building Managers come in.  He said in the past it was the building managers that have filled it out.

If Mike McGrath designated the building manager as the designee then that would be appropriate.

Jolene Barnes said that Yale Occupational Health is tied into a network to get the employee into seeing a specialist quicker.

Donna Kosiorowski said that once you see Yale Occupational Health then they can see their own doctor.

Jolene said that Yale Occupational Health works with them.

Maureen Blake wanted to know if paper copies are obsolete.

Jolene Barnes said yes, all should go through the computer now.

Frank Paolino stated that you can print a copy off the computer for the employee.

Safety Committee Audit:

Jolene Barnes stated how a gentleman from the State came to our Central Office and requested copies of the last 4 agendas, meeting minutes and roster.  We had all that information on hand, and gave to him on that day.   We received a letter from the State of Connecticut dated February 18, 2015 commending the West Haven Board of Education for our Safety Committee.

General discussion:

Donna Kosiorowski mentioned new paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers and the new toilet for the nurse’s office at the high school.  She thanked Mike McGrath for taking care of that.

Donna also mentioned that we will have the Safety Committee Minutes and all information from the Safety Committee on our West Haven Schools website. 

Jolene Barnes wanted to know if anyone tried the EAP personal assistant.

Donna stated that Susan Misur is a big part of getting the EAP information out.  We tend to forget about using EAP, there is information regarding elder care, real estate, divorce, wills, etc.  Donna has shared this information with the nurses at a staff meeting.

Jolene Barnes said that there is a whole section that is devoted to teachers.

Donna Kosiorowski stated that she is revising the OSHA Manual.  The last time it was updated was 2001.

Mike McGrath said that the Bloodborne Pathogen Training by Ernie St. Amant (PMA) was good.

Joe Iuteri wanted to know if there is a follow up booster for the Hepatitis B immunization.

Donna Kosiorowski said that there is a titer to see if you have anti-bodies.  The Hepatitis B vaccine is a series of 3 shots.  Procedure now is for the series.  Doctor can order a titer for you, we don’t know if it’s a lifelong immunity.

Chris Everone asked Mike McGrath if there could be refresher training for custodians on the proper way to clean.

Mike McGrath said that when Rovic first took over they went to every school.  They can come back for a refresher.

Chris Everone also mentioned that there should be checklist protocols, district wide.

Donna Kosiorowski mentioned that we can still use bleach, but it should be diluted not full strength.

Mike McGrath said that on each custodian’s cart is a flip chart regarding the products.  Chris said that he has never seen a flip chart.  Follow-up on flip charts.

Joe Iuteri said he thinks that the green products are terrible.  Joe said they pressure wash the walls in the bathroom.

Mike McGrath wanted to recognize his snow crew.  They had a lot of 2am and 3am starts.  It was a really tough year.

Frank Paolino wanted to know about the pot holes.

Mike McGrath said they will be using cold patch to fill in the pot holes.

Sharon Paine needs a paper towel dispenser in her classroom at Pagels.  Mike McGrath will have that taken care of.  (All set, paper towel dispenser has been installed.)

Donna thanked everyone for coming; next meeting is May 6, which is also School Nurse Day.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10am.


Next meeting:  May 6, 2015 8:30am