December 3, 2014 Minutes

Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2014

“A safe and healthy work environment that supports safe work practices and reduces injuries”.


Members present:  Donna Kosiorowski, Jolene Barnes, Mike McGrath, Bob Beecher, Sherry Mitchell, Joe Iuteri, Dr. Anthony Cordone, Nate Hill, Kenneth Voss, Pauline Lucibello, Maureen Blake, Chris Everone, and Eric Rice.


Guest Speaker-Annie Linden, Vice President, Client Services – ESI (Employee Assistance Group)


Meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Donna Kosiorowski.


Donna welcomed everyone, introductions were made.




Annie Linden reviewed EAP Services to remind us what is available.  Any way or opportunity they will be helpful.  People forget the services that are available from EAP.  Most people reach out for day to day stresses and mental health issues.


EAP offers four quadrants, personal, family financial/legal and career.  You can speak to an attorney on the phone for advice.  The most downloaded items are wills and trusts, which are legitimate from the website.


Regarding work and career there are on-line curriculums, no limit to the number of courses you can take.  Annie disbursed a flyer for the website which she said is user friendly and easily accessible.  Everything available on the phone is also available on the website. 


A counselor is available 24/7 on the 1-800 phone line; benefits cover three in person sessions.  All are completely confidential, all are covered under Hipaa.  Counselors and teams are available to come on site if a situation at a school ever arose.


Donna Kosiorowski asked Jolene Barnes if she knew if employees were using the service.  Jolene stated that she used it herself for a will, which she downloaded, completed and had notarized.  Jolene has suggested to employees that they contact EAP.


EAP has a new feature, Personal Assistant, which will do research and get back to you.  Also, EAP is not just for Mental Health, there are many other resources including information on FMLA, ADA and workplace violence.


Donna Kosiorowski wanted to know if EAP was available to substitutes.   Annie Linden said that they wouldn’t deny a substitute if they called.  Annie said EAP covers family members that live in the home.  She would come to new teacher orientation and staff appreciation day or any other way she can be helpful.   Sherry Mitchell asked if we can contact her directly if they want her to come to a staff meeting, and she would. 


Jolene Barnes asked the committee to bring the flyers and materials from EAP back to their buildings and share with staff.  We are all facing a lot of issues and this is a valuable resource.


The Committee thanked Annie for coming and sharing this valuable information.


Approval of Minutes:


Ken Voss made a motion to approve the minutes, Pauline Lucibello seconded the motion, the minutes were unanimously approved.


Workers’ Comp. Update:


Jolene Barnes gave an overview of the workers comp update since the last meeting.  We had 35 additional injuries, of the 35 there were several severe enough that caused lost time.  Three have returned and two are out.


Of the 35 injuries 11 were slip/trip/fall, 2 back strain, 6 other miscellaneous strains, 1 bite, 2 were other people bodily fluid exposure, 3 cuts, 4 bruises, 1 electric shock (Jolene Barnes had Mike McGrath check out the plug and the electrician could not find anything wrong with the plug), 2 struck by object, 3 breaking up student fights.


The bodily fluid injuries were 2 totally different.  Student vomited in toilet and vomit splashed back into the custodians eye.  Second bodily fluid involved a para assisting a student with a nosebleed and realized she had a cut on her finger (everything turned out ok).


General discussion:


Wayne Limosani will no longer be on the committee.  He was replaced by Bob Beecher.


Dr. Cordone mentioned that the ‘green’ cleaner doesn’t work in the lavs, wants the custodians to use bleach.  Mike McGrath said yes, they can use bleach; he will have a couple gallons of bleach delivered to set up a routine that once a week they use the bleach.  (Follow up:  Mike has sent bleach to all schools that requested it.)


Donna Kosiorowski mentioned that the new soap is not good.  Chris Everone has had a conversation with Chris Simetti about getting different soap. Donna said the new soap is like water, and you have to use twice as much.


Donna also brought up about certain faucets (in the special needs classrooms) at Carrigan that are difficult to use.  Mike McGrath said that he will take care of that.  (Follow-up:  Mike has stated that the faucets at Carrigan are done.)


Joe Iuteiri brought up about the special needs classrooms at Haley that need paper for the cots, wanted to know where to order.  Donna said that comes out of this department and we can order that.


Sherry Mitchell said that the bathrooms by the café have no soap dispensers.  Mike McGrath said that he would take care of that.  There is a plan to do over 5 of the bathrooms at Bailey.  Sherry also mentioned that there were no locks on some of the stall doors.  Mike said he would take care of that, also.  (Follow-up:  Mike reported that they have started replacing the soap dispensers in all of the schools, and will be finished in the next week or so.)


Donna Kosiorowski brought up about the hand out on hand sanitizers, important to remember hand washing is the most important way to keep yourself healthy.


Donna mentioned a while back we sent out Ebola information.  Donna had met with the high school and Carrigan.  Donna wanted to be upfront and apologized that the information did not get filtered down to the teachers.  Ebola is not easily transmitted.  Donna stated that Susan Misur did a great job getting the information on our website.


Chris Everone brought up that Susan Misur worked up something on line for worker injuries and he will follow-up with Jolene and Susan and hopefully roll it out for the new year on the website.  (Update:  Form has been launched on our website for use.  Click on Staff and scroll down to staff forms, and it’s the Employee Injury Report Form.)  Thank you Chris, Susan and Jolene!


Mike McGrath said that he has set up OSHA/Bloodborne Pathogen Training with Ernie St. Amant for the 17th of February geared for his staff. (They did have the training on February 17.)


Donna asked if anyone has anything to add to the next agenda to let us know.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15am.


Next Meetings:  March 4, 2015 and May 6, 2015