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School Menus

Elementary schools
August & September 2018 Elementary School Breakfast
August & September Elementary School Lunch
October 2018 Elementary Breakfast Menu
October 2018 Elementary Lunch Menu

Carrigan and Bailey

August & September Bailey & Carrigan Breakfast
August & September Bailey & Carrigan Lunch
October 2018 Carrigan Breakfast Menu
October 2018 Bailey Breakfast Menu
October 2018 Carrigan & Bailey Lunch Menu

High School
August & September WHHS Breakfast
August & September WHHS Lunch
October 2018 WHHS Breakfast Menu
October 2018 WHHS Lunch Menu

Cafeteria reminders

**Snacks purchased at lunch cannot be charged to student meal accounts. Snacks can only be purchased with cash.

**If you do not want your child buying snacks during lunch at all, or if you do not want your child to be able to charge breakfast or lunch,please send a note to school.

The school district has formed a Food Services Committee to monitor the food program, get feedback from parents, students and school staff, and address questions or concerns. Learn more about the committee here.