Birthday and Holiday Celebrations





The West Haven Board of Education has adopted a “Wellness Policy” that

emphasizes the importance of creating a school environment that promotes

the health and well-being of students, as well as academic success. 

This policy was created, in part, as a precaution for kids who have food allergies,
as principals and teachers cannot control the portion sizes or ingredients of food
sent from home for a whole class.

The elementary schools have adopted a “No food” policy for

birthday and holiday celebrations only. Please check with your child’s teacher in advance

if your child’s birthday to determine ways to celebrate. Each elementary

school will acknowledge each child’s birthday and holidays, so it is not necessary to send

in any items. However, if you would like to send something in or do

something special in the classroom, consider the alternatives to food items



Suggested Non-Food Ways for Parents to Celebrate in School


Parent can visit the birthday child’s classroom to:

Complete a planting project using soil and seeds or a plant

Read a story

Donate a book to the Classroom Library

Send in “goody bags” with pencils, stickers, bookmark, eraser, crayons,



Please do not send in any small toys or goody bags with candy. Food

items will be returned if they are sent to school.

Suggested Non-Food Ways for Schools to Celebrate


Bulletin Board with students’ birthdays

Announce birthday during morning announcements

Sing to students during lunch

Trinkets (pencils, books, pencils, toothbrush, stickers)