Student Participation in Sports at WHHS and Bailey Middle School


Physical Examinations for School Programs
Medical Policies For All Students Participating in Athletics and Cheerleading

The following policies have been planned jointly by the Athletic Department, the Medical Department and School Administration.

I. Responsibility of Individual Coaches and Athletic Director

A. The following must be completed before tryouts and practice begin in any

            1. Medical History. (HAR-3 Side 1) This section of the form must be completed
             and signed by the parent before the physical examination is done by the
             healthcare provider.

             2. Physical Examination (HAR-3 Side 2) This section of the form must be
             completed by the healthcare provider. All physical examinations must be
             done yearly. Physical examinations for sports expire in thirteen (13) months
             from the examination date.

             Any student who participates in a second sport in any one school year, after the
             first physical examination is done, need not have a repeat examination, unless
             an illness or injury occurs between participation in the first and second sport.
             The physical examination will be done by a private healthcare provider or the
             school Medical Advisor or designee.

             3. Parental permission slip – Coaches will keep permission slips.

B. Injuries

            1. A written statement from the physician who treated the injury is required
            before participation in any particular sport can be resumed.

            2. Accident form (Property of Athletic Department) must be completed by the
           coach as soon as the injury occurs and sent to the Athletic Director within
           forty-eight (48) hours following the injury.

II. Responsibility of the Medical Department

          1. To keep on file in the cumulative health records, all physical

          2. To review all physicals and medical history forms and notify Athletic Director
         which students are not eligible to play as a result of the examinations.

          3. To follow up with parents any deviation or physical defect noted at the time
          of the physical examination.

          4. Students with athletic injuries will be referred to the parent, private health
          provider, Athletic Director and coach.


Administering Medication
Administration of Medication by Coaches and Licensed Athletic Trainers During Intramural and Interscholastic Events

Coaches and licensed athletic trainers during intramural and interscholastic events may administer medications pursuant to Section 10-212a-9 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and as described in this policy and in the administrative regulations of this policy.

During intramural and interscholastic athletic events, a coach or licensed athletic trainer who has been trained in the general principles of medication administration applicable to receiving, storing, and assisting with inhalant medications or cartridge injector medications and documentation, may administer medication for select students for whom self-administration plans are not viable options as determined by the school nurse. The medication which may be administered is limited to: (1) inhalant medications prescribed to treat respiratory conditions and (2) medication administered with a cartridge injector for students with a medically diagnosed allergic condition which may require prompt treatment to protect the student against serious harm or death.

The school nurse is responsible for the student’s individualized medication plan and shall provide the coach with a copy of the authorized prescriber’s order and the parental/guardian permission form. Parents are responsible for providing the medication, such as the inhaler or cartridge injector, to the coach or licensed athletic trainer, which shall be kept separate from the medication stored in the school health office during the school day.