Pacing Guide


Pacing Guide

Health Education


Day 1

Introduction to Health

Introduction to Nutrition & Physical Activity

Nutrition terms


Day 2

Obesity discussion

Obesity debate

Clips of Supersize Me


Day 3

Physical Activity Personal Plan

Meal Menu

Nutrition/Physical Activity Bingo Review


Day 4

Nutrition/Physical Activity Quiz

Intro to Sex Education

Sex Education terms


Day 5


Communicable & non communicable diseases

Prevention/Decision Making

HIV/AIDS/STDS terms & notes


Day 6

Growth & Development – Puberty intro

Vocabulary terms

Jeopardy Review Game


Day 7

Sex Education Quiz

Juno Movie


Day 8

Mental/Emotional/Social Health Introduction

Social Media Project


Day 9

Social Media Project

Mental/Emotional Vocabulary

Relationship Assessments

Skit Project

Day 10

Performance of Skits

Mental/Social/Emotional Quiz

Intro to Drugs & Alcohol


Day 11

Drugs and Alcohol vocabulary


Role Play Activity – how to say no



Day 12

Role Play Activity

Steps to Decision Making

Drugs and Alcohol quiz