January 6, 2016 Minutes

Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2016


“A safe and healthy work environment that supports safe work practices and reduces injuries”.


Members present:  Jolene Barnes, Donna Kosiorowski, Mike McGrath, Sharon Paine, Frank Paolino, Bob Beecher, Joe Iuteri, Lynn Bonaldo, Nate Hill, Eric Rice, Susan Misur.

Meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Donna Kosiorowski.

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the October 28, 2015 Safety Committee Meeting were accepted and approved.

Workers’ Comp:

Jolene Barnes stated that there have only been 15 reported injuries since our last meeting on October 28, 2015 thru December 31, 2015.   It was broken down by 4 slip/trip/fall, 7 struck by, 1 burn, 1 lifting and 2 other (bee sting and shock).

Safety Committee By-Laws:

Donna stated that Jolene has asked for a revision of the by-laws, and Donna and Jolene will work on them together and changes will be brought back to the committee for revision.  Donna asked if anyone on the Committee had any ideas for the by-laws. 

Eric Rice suggested that the CHO/CHP (Chemical Hygiene Officer and Plan)  for various school sites be referenced in the Safety Committee By-Laws for ‘charge’ of the committee.  Additionally, oversight of various safety checks, like extinguishers, eye washes, etc., can be added.

General Discussion:

Donna talked about the Emergency Preparedness Operation Plan.  She said that as a participant she now had to finish an on-line training with regard to this.  Jolene Barnes stated that she is in the process of completing this on-line training also. Frank Paolino mentioned that he has already completed his on-line course and that each section takes a few hours to complete.

Eric Rice updated the Committee that the Technology Education, Family and Consumer Science, and Nursing Department is participating in a two day General Industry 10 hour OSHA program.  Part 2 is on May 25th.   If anyone is interested, they still have some space.

Donna mentioned that all the new AED’s are installed in all the schools.  Nate Hill asked about training for use of AED’s in the schools.   Donna stated that school Personnel have been trained to use the AED’s.  AED’s are designed for public access.  Mike McGrath said that he will contact the Youth League Coaches to find out if they have been certified in using the AED.  (Mike McGrath reported back.  “No youth coaches are required to have CPR or AED training.”)

 Occupational Health:

Mike McGrath asked if we have any affiliation with the new walk-in on Elm Street.  Can we use the facility for Occupational Health?  Jolene stated,  “No,  we are not able to use that walk-in”.  She stated that the East Haven Occupational Health facility is no longer available to our employees; Yale has discontinued services with them.  Three new facilities have been added, Bridgeport, Greenwich and Stamford.  Susan Misur will take East Haven off the form and make sure the three new facilities are added on. (New form attached).

Meeting adjourned at 8:55am.

Revised workers’ comp form attached.

Next meeting March 16