January 6, 2016 Agenda

West Haven Board of Education

Safety Committee Meeting Agenda

January 6, 2016


“A safe and healthy work environment that supports safe work practices and reduces injuries.”




Date:                          January 6, 2016 - Wednesday

Time:                         8:30am – 9:30am

Place:                        West Haven Board of Education
Conference Room, ​355 Main Street – 1st Floor Conference Room



  1. Approve minutes from October 28, 2015meeting

  2. Workers’ Comp update

  3. General Discussion





Attachment:    Safety Committee by-laws

Draft Minutes October 28, 2015

School Lab Safety Inspection Form



cc:        Neil Cavallaro, Superintendent

            Dr. Anne Druzolowski, Assistant Superintendent

            Rob Sandella, City of West Haven

            Ernie St. Amant, PMA