Why We Eat

West Haven Public Schools

Unit Planning Organizer

Revised September 2010

Subject – Food and Nutrition                  

Grade – 9 -12 

Unit- Why We Eat                                        

Pacing – 3 weeks 

Essential Question(s):

  • What is the difference between appetite and hunger?
  • What are the different reasons we eat?
  • What are our different tastes?

Big Idea(s):

  • 70% to 75% of tasting food is actually smelling food.
  • People of other countries have different perceptions of food.
  • Being hungry and having an appetite are not the same body function.


CT State Standards (includes West Haven’s “Priority” GLES’s in BOLD and “Supporting” Standards)

  • ACF 1: introduction to the hospitality and foodservice industry
  •  3. Describe the various cuisines and their relationship to history and cultural development.
  • ACF 8: nutrition
  • 5. Discuss various diets (i.e. food allergies, alternative dieting, vegetarian, etc;).

 “Unwrapped” Concepts and Skills, and Bloom Levels (BL)

Concepts(Need to Know)

Skills(Able to Do)



Various cuisines, relationship to cultural development


Various diets


Teacher added

Taste buds, different tastes