Grades 6-8 Individual Sports
  • West Haven Public Schools 

Unit Planning Organizer

Revised September 2010

Subject   Physical Education           

Grade  6-8

Unit     _Lifetime Skills/ Individual Sports_           

Pacing   15-30

Essential Question(s):

  • Why do we need to participate in individual activities?
  • How is playing a sport by myself any fun?
  • Why do we have to do a unit of teambuilding?
  • How will this unit help us in our everyday life and our future?

Big Idea(s):

  • Individual sports are physical activities that can be done through out your life.
  • Benefits to individual and lifetime sports are different based on personal physical need.
  • Team building is a concept that will not only help you in physical education, but will stay with you in your personal career.
  • Skills acquired lead to “team concept idea” which is beneficial in the workforce.

CT State Standards (includes West Haven’s “Priority” GLES’s in BOLD and “Supporting” Standards)


  • M.11.4. Engage in a variety of appropriate physical activities during and outside of school that promote the development and improvement of physical fitness level
  • M.14.1. Make decisions about participating in different physical activities based on feelings and interests
  • M.14.4. Realize that physical activity and challenges present opportunities for personal growth


  • M.9.2. Demonstrate developmentally mature applications combining loco motor, non loco motor and manipulative skills to participate in developmentally appropriate movement and fitness activities
  • M.10.2. Use self, peer, teacher and technological resources to recognize and suggest performance improvements in self and others
  • M.13.1. Understand, participate in the development of, and follow classroom rules; follow activity-specific rules, safety practices and procedures; and apply safe practices, rules, procedures, etiquette and good sportsmanship in all physical activity settings

“Unwrapped” Concepts and Skills, and Bloom Levels (BL)

Concepts(Need to Know)

Skills(Able to Do)


  • Activities
  • Physical Fitness level
    • Development
    • Improvement


  • Decisions
  • Activities
  • Feelings
  • Interests


  • Activity


  • Challenges


  • Opportunities


  • Personal Growth


  • Strategies
  • Skills
  • Conflicts
  • Activity


  • Engaging in lifetime and individual sports
  • Promote physical fitness




  • Make decisions based on interests
  • Participate in different activities






  • Realizing personal growth
  • Present opportunities for personal growth



  • Developing strategies for all individuals
  • Apply skills for resolving conflicts
  • Resolving
  • Realize opportunities for personal growth















Instructional Planning

Suggested Resources/Materials:

  1. Swimming
    1. Pool, noodles, kickboards, balls, nets, goals
  2. Weight Training
    1. Weight room, mats, circuit, radio
  3. Golf
    1. Clubs, Tees, targets
  4. Tennis
    1. Racquets, Tennis balls, Tennis Court
  5. Badminton
    1. Racquets, Shuttlecocks, Nets, Courts
  6. Pickle ball
    1. Racquets, courts, nets
  7. Racquetball
    1. Racquets, Racquet balls, nets
  8. Walking
    1. Walking track or trail
  9. Juggling
    1. Balls, scarf’s, rings, batons
  10. Yoga
    1. Mats
  11. Dance and creative movements
    1. Radio
  12. Gymnastics
    1. Floor mats
  13. Teambuilding Activities
    1. Ice Breakers
    2. Energizer
    3. Problem Solving
    4. Building Trust
    5. Processing/ Reflecting

Suggested Research-based Effective Instructional Strategies:

  • Identifying similarities and difference
  • Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
  • Practice
  • Cooperative learning
  • Setting objective and providing feedback
  • Generating and testing hypothesis
  • Cue, questions, and advance organizers


Vocabulary/Word Wall


Interdisciplinary Connections






Peer teaching/coaching

Team leader

Teacher assistant



Working with health dept

-          Physical activity extend life

-          Activity burns calories

-          Heart rate measurements