Pre K-Grade 2 Locomotor Movements

West Haven Public Schools

Unit Planning Organizer

Revised September 2010

Subject: Physical Education                                                               

Grade: Pre K – 2

Unit: Locomotor Movements                                                            

Pacing: 4 – 12 

Essential Question(s):

  • Why do we need to know all kinds of movements?
  • Why is it important that we do it the right way?


Big Idea(s):

  • Locomotor movements are important for life skills
  • Proper locomotor movements will prevent injuries


CT State Standards (includes West Haven’s “Priority” GLES’s in BOLD and “Supporting” Standards)

  • 9-1 Demonstrate increasing competence in various locomotor movements
  • 10-3 Follow appropriate safety rules
  • 11-1 Observe and correct improper technique
  • 12-1 Understanding different movements cause different effects on the body

“Unwrapped” Concepts and Skills, and Bloom Levels (BL)

Concepts(Need to Know)

Skills(Able to Do)






  • Body Awareness


  • Skills: walk, run, jump, skip, gallop, slide, hop


  • Safety


  • Observe and Correct


  • Effects






  • Develop the 7 locomotor skills


  • Develop the 7 locomotor skills



  • Apply


  • Analyze and Evaluate


  • Understand















 Instructional Planning

Suggested Resources/Materials:



Suggested Research-based Effective Instructional Strategies:



Vocabulary/Word Wall


Interdisciplinary Connections