Kindergarten United States Symbols

West Haven Public Schools

Unit Planning Organizer

Revised July 2011

Subject: Social Studies                          

Grade: Kindergarten

Unit: United States Symbols                

Pacing: February & March

Essential Question:

What United States Symbols can you name?

Big Idea:

There are symbols that are unique to the United States.

CT State Standards (includes West Haven’s “Priority” GLES’s in BOLD and “Supporting” Standards)


1.7.1 Name symbols that represent the United States.



2.1: Understanding that information comes from a variety of sources.

2.3: Draw a picture to depict a historical event.

2.4: Participate in classroom discussions.

2.5: Create and Share in-class artwork on a social studies topic.





“Unwrapped” Concepts and Skills, and Bloom Levels (BL)

Concepts(Need to Know)

Skills(Able to Do)



There are symbols that are unique to the United States such as:


American Flag


Statue of Liberty




Money (penny, nickel and dime)


Liberty Bell


Children need to be able to name each symbol by picture.




























Name symbols that represent the United States





Recommended to do as a whole group activity. Not an individual assessment, more as exposure. Recommended to do as a building type of activity. Introduce each U.S. Symbol. Each time a new U.S. Symbol is introduced, all previous symbols are reviewed. Mastery is the exposure to United States Symbols.


Common Formative Pre- Assessment (Followed by Data Team Analysis):

Whole class discussion, brainstorm different United States symbols that the children are aware of. Form a list and save.


Common Formative Post- Assessment (Followed by Data Team Analysis):

Same procedure as pre-assessment, but following discussion, compare both pre and post lists to see what new symbols the class has learned.

Instructional Planning

Suggested Resources/Materials:

Big and/or Small Books

Pictures of U. S. symbols, either individual pictures or pictures within books

Student created art activities

Chart Paper






Suggested Research-based Effective Instructional Strategies:


Vocabulary/Word Wall


Interdisciplinary Connections