Kindergarten American Holidays

West Haven Public Schools

Unit Planning Organizer

Revised July 2011

Subject: Social Studies                

Grade: Kindergarten

Unit: American Holidays              

Pacing: Ongoing Throughout the Year


Essential Question(s):

How are holidays and traditions celebrated in America?


Big Idea(s):

Important Events are celebrated through Holidays in America.


CT State Standards (includes West Haven’s “Priority” GLES’s in BOLD and “Supporting” Standards)


1.7.2 Identify holidays and traditions that represent important ideas and events       in America.


2.1: Understanding that information comes from a variety of sources.

2.3: Draw a picture to depict a historical event.

2.4: Participate in classroom discussions.

2.5: Create and Share in-class artwork on a social studies topic.

3.1: Show awareness that there are different sides/points of view of one event.

3.2: Show awareness that people have feelings.

“Unwrapped” Concepts and Skills, and Bloom Levels (BL)

Concepts(Need to Know)

Skills(Able to Do)



For Labor Day Children in schools are taught that working people get the day off to relax and spend time with their families.


For Columbus Day children in schools are taught about Christopher Columbus and some communities have parades.


For Thanksgiving children in schools are taught about the Pilgrims coming to America and the importance of giving thanks. Many families gather together and share a turkey feast.



For Dr. King Day children in schools learn about how he changed America.



For Memorial Day children in schools are taught to remember the soldiers who died for our country. Some communities have parades.


For Flag Day children in schools are taught American pride through the symbol of our flag.


For the July 4th children are taught before school leaves that that day is the birthday of America. Some communities have firework displays and some families have picnics.







Identify holidays and traditions that represent important ideas and events in America








Recommended to do as a whole group activity. Not an individual assessment, more as exposure. Recommended to do as a building type of activity. Introduce each holiday. Each time a new holiday is introduced; previous holidays are reviewed, compared and contrasted. Directions for all holidays are the same. Mastery is the exposure to various holidays.

Common Formative Pre- Assessment (Followed by Data Team Analysis):

As part of meeting the calendar and upcoming holidays are discussed. Children will be asked what might happen. Record answers on chart paper.

Common Formative Post- Assessment (Followed by Data Team Analysis):

As part of meeting the calendar and the holiday is discussed. Children are asked why they learned about the holiday. Record answers on chart paper and compare what they learned to pre-assessment.

Instructional Planning

Suggested Resources/Materials:

Big and/or Small Books - Holiday Big Book provided by Social Studies Curriculum


Student created art activities

Chart paper






Suggested Research-based Effective Instructional Strategies:



Vocabulary/Word Wall


Interdisciplinary Connections