Cornell Note Taking System page 3


  • 1.
  • Start using the Recall column on the lefthand part of the page. Go through your notes and copy main ideas into the Recall column. Also write questions that prompt you to remember the accompanying details.
  • Cover the Capture column , and while looking at the Recall side of your paper try to remember as much detail as you can about the definitions, main ideas , examples on the right side . Talk out loud , become the teacher as you rehearse the information.
  • Cornell notes are very useful in preparing for exams. If you reviewed your notes frequently , and compiled them in chronological order before an exam align all the notes by covering the Capture pages ( or simply fold the paper on the line dividing the Recall and Capture sections ) , and try to recite, reflect and recall the information , vocabulary words. Etc.
Take notes as described on the earlier slide, refine your notes, highlight information as you read through it  ( or add additional information during the lecture , or at home while reading the text )