The Water Cycle
Zzzzzzaaaaaaapppppp!  Whoa! What happened?  We were just reading about the Water Cycle in the West Haven Schools and the next second we are in a dark room.  As our eyes adjust to the dimness, we realize we have been sent on an adventure. A strange creature appears in front of us.

He speaks....

“I am Pird from the planet Retaw.  We are explorers seeking information about your planet.  We have facts in a book that tell us this is a ‘Water Planet".  We do not understand.  We have selected you, master scientists, to help us understand the water cycle.  You will not be allowed to return to your school until you have done so.”

The links below may help. First lets find out about the water cycle together by watching a movie at Brain Pop Movie.      There is a quiz at the end!!



Your task, as master scientists, is to learn as much as possible about the water cycle. If you can pass the quiz at the bottom of this page you may return to your school.....

Start with these sights

Watercycle Jigsaw Puzzle

Water Cycle Labels

The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle Animation

To Learn more about the Water Cycle try these links.

Thirstin's Questions and Answers about Water

Water goes round and round


To return to your school try this quiz.. Good Luck

Water Cycle Quiz