Human Body
 Human Body Jeopardy!!!

You are the producers of Jeopardy, the popular TV game show.  In order to give younger people a chance to be on the show, you are going to create a Junior Jeopardy version of the show.  The topic of the first show is the Human Body.  In order for the show to be a success, you have to learn about five systems of the human body and create answers and questions for the first Junior Jeopardy show!

Your Task

You will select a system of the body and be paired with someone else that selected the same system of the body. You and your partner will complete a research worksheet about the body system. After your research is complete you and your partner will create a PowerPoint slideshow to teach the rest of the contestants about your system of the Human Body.


Body Systems

The Circulatory System

The Respiratory System

The Digestive System

Muscular System

Brain/Nervous System

The Virtual Body


Human Body Games