American Revolution Jeopardy

  American Revolution Jeopardy!!!

You are the producers of Jeopardy, the popular TV game show.  In order to give younger people a chance to be on the show, you are going to create a Junior Jeopardy version of the show.  The topic of the first show is The American Revoution.  In order for the show to be a success, you have to learn about a person, event or document of  the revolution and create answers and questions for the first Junior Jeopardy show!

Your Task

You will select a perSon, event or place from the American Revolution. After your research is complete you will create a PowerPoint slideshow to teach the rest of the contestants about your topic.

This page will help you locate information about your research topic.


Sam Adams

George Washington

Ben Franklin

Sons of Liberty

Crispus Attucks

Daniel Boone

King George III

Phillis Wheatley


Pontiac's Rebellion

The French and Indian War

Battle of Bunker Hill

Lexington and Concord

The Boston Massacre

The Boston Tea Party


The Proclamation of 1763

The Sugar Act

Stamp Act

Intolerable Acts

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