• No student can be cleared for sports without submitting a completed sports packet which includes a permission form (Form # 60), a completed health history and a completed physical examination (Form # 58). Form # 60 will be kept by the coach and Form # 58 will be submitted to the school nurse for review. The newer Blue physical exam forms ver 4/2010 that are required for Grades 6 &  9 will  be accepted. It now includes the sports physical. 
  • All physical examinations must be reviewed by the school nurse. Names of students cleared by the nurse will be computerized. A copy of the list will be maintained by the high school nurse and the Athletic Director. Copies of the clearance list will be forwarded by the Athletic director to the coaches. If a student’s name does not appear on the list, the coach must not allow the student to practice or participate in games.
NOTE: Board of Education policy requires students to submit a physical examination before tryouts.


  • Nurses are unable to clear students if it requires overtime.
  • Clearance of students requires a minimum of 24 hours after submission, longer if additional information is needed. Students cannot be cleared on demand.
  • Examination dates are pre-scheduled. Coaches are to be notified by Allied Health and the Athletic director of scheduled dates and requirements. Coaches are responsible for informing all student athletes of dates and requirements. Students may choose to have their examination by their private health care provider.
  • Sports Physicals are good for 13 months; please make note and know when your child is due.

The sports program is a collaborative effort between Allied Health, the Athletic Department and the Medical Department. Cooperation of all members is necessary to maintain the health and safety of student athletes.

Sports Physical Form

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