Capital improvements planned for Carrigan
Capital improvements planned for Carrigan
Posted on 10/27/2015
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WEST HAVEN, Oct. 27, 2015 —The school district is in the early planning stages of a capital project that will significantly decrease energy costs at Carrigan Intermediate School and be funded primarily through state grants.

The project’s scope includes the replacement of the school roof, windows and doors, and will also bring new lockers, paving of the parking lot, a new pool cover, a solar photovoltaic system, electric and ventilation system upgrades, interior lighting improvements, and an installation of an energy management system.

The work is expected to be worth $7.23 million, but various state grants and reimbursements will bring the city’s cost down to $1.47 million. Board of Education members at their Oct. 21 meeting voted unanimously to send a formal proposal to the state with an application for the grant and reimbursement funds.

Carrigan has long been a priority in the district’s multi-year capital improvement plan, given the age of its building, the number of students and staff it accommodates, and its use as an emergency shelter during natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene. The improvements will benefit students across the city, as all West Haven Public School youngsters pass through Carrigan for grades five and six.

“With city and school finances as tight as they’ve been over the past several years, we haven’t been able to make badly needed improvements at Carrigan. This project and financing structure is a great opportunity for the school and the city. We understand $1.4 million is still a great deal of money, but the amount of work being done makes it incredibly worth it,” Superintendent of Schools Neil C. Cavallaro said. “What makes the project even more valuable is that we will be saving on energy as soon as it’s complete.”

The district will be using a $1.7 million Alliance District grant that became available this year and $83,000 from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, while also receiving a 77.5 percent reimbursement from the state for project costs. The total project price includes architectural, engineering and project management costs, as well as labor.

The city would bond its share of the work and has already expressed support for the plan.

“This vitally important capital project will improve each child’s educational experience at Carrigan Intermediate School,” Mayor Edward M. O’Brien said. “This initiative reflects an extraordinary commitment by my administration and West Haven Public Schools to reinvest in our students with an infrastructure project that is both cost-effective and practical.”

Bond costs will likely be completely covered by the money Carrigan will save on energy starting one year after the work is finished.

Roof replacement could begin as soon as this summer, according to project manager Roger LaFleur, of PM Resources LLC. Major upgrades, like installation of the roof and windows, would need to be done during summer break, while the rest could be done after school or on week-long vacations.