West Haven Adult Education Workforce Alliance Program

The Workforce Alliance Program is under the direction of Dr. Anthony Cordone, Director of West Haven's Adult Education Program. Tracy Goodale serves as the Site Manager and the Instructor, along with Elizabeth Robillard who is the Writing Instructor for the Program. The Program is located at City Hall in West Haven, in the lower level. The Workforce Alliance Program is administered by Kymball Branch, the Manager of Career Development Services, along with Evelyn Brooks, the Employment Specialist, both from the Connecticut Workforce Alliance.

The program focuses on the skills needed to enter the workforce, along with basic life skills, Math, Reading Comprehension and Writing skills, as well as technology and social networking skills. There are also job shadowing, internship and community service components. Participants undergo an intensive program and leave well prepared to enter the job market, with the resume that they have created during their class work in the program, along with sample letters and a whole lot more to help them with their job search.